The Fruit

The magazine of what's happening at the Eden Music Festival!

There are currently no plans for an Eden MusicFest 1997 that we are aware of.

What will you find here, you ask? Well, anything goes! We've posted reviews about the shows, behind the scenes look at the action backstage, strange encounters with deranged fans and psyched performers! Of course, we'll be open to your suggestions too-- just drop us a note with anything you're dying to know about!

We have three different editorial areas listed below-- all of which not only contain the classic text, but also are spruced up with QuickTime videos and images of exclusive footage of the bands live, backstage, and other strange activities around the festival.

Update!!! The Eden Music Fest picked up some good PR in Saturday's paper and you can check out some scans of those pieces in the Media tent online!

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Latest Story!
Addicted To Noise
Latest Story!
Much Music
The Creationists are our own team of roving journalists will be reporting several stories per day to clue you in to what the scene down here is really like. Addicted To Noise (ATN), the premier online rock & roll magazine, will be here providing a few high-quality pieces of coverage each day. In addition to on-the-air coverage, Much Music Canada will also be contributing editorial reports from the field which we'll be assisting upload and process so you can check 'em out here.