EFC On-Site Report #4

Sunday, July 14, afternoon

Yikes is it hot today, in more ways than one! The forecast is rain late this afternoon or tonite, but right now the UV index is said to be practically off the scale - 15 minutes unprotected = sunburn! Nevertheless, after the first band, the staging grounds are as full as ever, with a heaving, surging throng sweating to the hotest bands in the hottest sun.

The general store tent is OUT of sunblock, so if you're heading in for the last day, be sure to stock up in a nearby town first. Insect repellent is also a good idea. The Mosquitos of Doom are here in force in the evenings.

Still no clue who the two surprise acts will be at the end of the day (I guess that's why it's called a surprise?) Rumors have named everyone from Pearl Jam to Nine Inch Nails to Alanis Morrisette to Tom Jones. Your guess is as good as just about anyone's.

The EFF & EFC cybertent attracted a steady stream of visitors. Word had it, we weren't just a cool place to visit, but the coolest - not just shade, but air-circulating fans, too. The tent is still there, but we've had to pack up. If you do stop by, kick back, play Gibson Epiphone guitars and try your hand at the virtual reality games, which are still around. In trailers behind the tent, you can browse the web until 7pm.

Lots of bands and their staff are sporting blue ribbons today, and were yesterday as well. A family affixed one to their baby's forehead, and a concert-goer was seen with 8 of them on her calf. T-shirt sales aren't spectactular, but given how hot it is, people are trying to get rid of clothing, not acquire more of it.

Speaking of which, lots of skin is to be seen between acts at the main stage - cheers from the crowd seem to be all the extra enticement people need to get natural! The body-painting booth seems to be decorating almost as many people with free-hand designs as we are with blue ribbon tats. As for the piercing tent - a word of advice: wait until the very end, as you don't want to wander around getting dirt and grime in a fresh piercing.

The giant monitors on the sides of main stage are showing, between bands, interviews with band members. You can check out the interviews on the EdenCast Stream if you're not here in meatspace.

Speaking of which, EFF's own Dennis Derryberry, a musician as well as an online activist, was just simulcast on these huge screens and on the EdenCast Net Stream doing his original song about the Internet, "eFrontier Fundamentals". Check it out.

Stanton McCandlish
EFF Online Activist
mech@eff.org http://www.eff.org/~mech

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