On-site report from the EFF booth

Friday, July 12, afternoon

There's a steady stream of visitors to the EFF & EFC booth, most walking away with Blue Ribbon temporary tatoos. The drummer for Poe is sporting one on his forehead, as are numerous concert goers.

Rumor has it that one or more celebs from the astounding line-up of bands here at the Eden MusicFest may make appearances in the Net area from time to time. (Hey, they have to check their email to!)

Seven people from the Electronic Frontier Foundation are around, from our executive director, Lori Fena, to volunteer Nicole Byrd, taking turns at the booth with a dozen or so Electronic Frontier Canada volunteers.

EFF People

[96-07-13: sw-008]
Photo by Sherri Wheatley

It's amazing how many people who visit our joint booth "get it" immediately. Though many had not heard of either EFC or EFF before, they all know what we mean when we tell them we work for privacy and free speech on the Net. Perhaps it's a no-brainer that the participants in this event understand the issues - just the fact that a massivly attended concert can gravitate around cyberliberties at all tells the whole story. What may have been a "special interst" issue only a year or two ago, is now a mainstream concern, as more and more people get online and realize the democratic potential of the Internet.

I've just come back from the cybercast trailer, where, despite a few momentary lapses of power, the e-show goes on. Bands are requesting blue ribbon tattoos to throw into the audience (and we've supplied them), so if you don't make your way to the EFC/EFF tent, try the front row mosh pit!

"The Electonic Frontier Foundation educates Eden"

If you're coming tomorrow or the day after, come prepared. The sun is showing little mercy. Swimsuits, shorts, and sunblock are musts. Another word to the wise: Don't forget the tent stakes and tent fly. (Speaking, sadly, from experience...)

If you'd like to stop by the EFF/EFC booth, look for the giant white tent, near the enormous black beer can. These two non-profits have joined forces, and for the first time are offering a joint membership program at half the usual dues for one of the organizations. That amounts to a 75 0iscount! You also get free blue ribbon (online free speech) and golden key (online privacy) pins when you join. EFC t-shirts are available for $20, and EFF shirts for the same price ($10 to current or brand new members). EFC shirts are on-site, EFF shirts should (we hope) be here tomorrow, as they were held up in customs, so we're taking orders for them. If you'd like to get more info on the organizations, take a brochure!

[96-07-13: sw-019]
Photo by Sherri Wheatley

Many of you can only visit virtually, so see our web sites at http://www.eff.org (EFF, USA) and http://www.efc.ca (EFC, Canada).

The EFF/EFC booth also is temporary home to Gibson Guitars, VR game demos, and, in trailers behind the tent, CYBERplex Interactive Media, who are providing (with the help of Labatt brewing company) free Internet access to concert-goers. Sit in the shade, browse the web, check your email!

Marusha Vanderbeek of CYBERplex who is running one of the two Net trailers summed it up well: "Definitely happening bands. Everyone's having a really great time. Everybody's just partying like crazy,"

Well, back to the booth!

Stanton McCandlish - EFF Online Activist

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