Front Row Eden

By Tony Billoni

Saturday, July 13, afternoon

Seconds before Elk took the stage we went to meet some of the stalwarts who camped up at the front stage barrier. Apparently their plan is to be there all day putting them front and center for their favorite act(s). I heard Tracy, the Hip, Spacehog and Everclear were the reasons du jour.

[96-07-13: tb-020]
Photo by Tony Billoni

Consensus seems to be heading toward today as having the beefiest line-up on both stages. In fact Shannon Mitchell who had her favorite band written all over her face (literally) bolted when she heard they shifted to the second stage. The rest are hunkered down and ready to weather the ten hour, nine band endurance test known as "front row Eden."

[96-07-13: tb-021]
Photo by Tony Billoni

Unsolicited opinions from the helpful security dudes foretold that each of those in the front row would soon be lifted up and over (see earlier story). Yesterday he told of forty being pulled out during Bush alone.

[96-07-13: tb-019]
Photo by Tony Billoni

We'll check back later to see if any of these smiling faces are still smiling and still there.

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