The Morning Of...

Friday, July 12, morning

Twenty-five thousand humans passed through the gates all through-out the night. Rolling hills of green grass have become pimpled with multi-colored tents that would make Buckminster Fuller proud. Kids of all ages, mostly under 25 actually, were up and at em at the crack of dawn (or were they up all night?) All getting ready to put a substantial dent in the well fed shower facilities around the track. We don't think everyones going to get in for a wash, so we expect to discover a new aspect of the garden of Eden: what it really smelled like.

[96-07-12: tb-003]
Photo by Tony Billoni

It turns out, sorry rest of the world, all folks within a five km radius of Mosport were offered free tickets. We met a gang of groovers from ORONO. the organizers are trying their best but some have said the bus lift from the lot to the site could have been dealt with better. Some stalwarts gave up and rallied those waiting with a great march onto the gates of Eden- shades of Moses leading the masses across the desert.

The natives are happy to be here except Stu is pissed that he had to leave his cow at home.

Not to say they are totally clueless, but Jay from ORONO surprised us by asking in a bewildered voice, wheres all the free food? I thought my ticket was getting me into the EATING FEST, 62 BRANDS. We helped him out by pointing him to the numerous food purveyors hawking everything from donuts (there are more donuts shops in Canada than on a Police TV show) that are open 24 hours, to fruity non-alky daquiris.

[96-07-12: rd-007]
Photo by Robert DeWitt

Meanwhile a bit of is happening in the GLOBAL VILLAGE. Vendors galore selling all sorts of neat trinkets and baubles.

A group of teens were amazed by Dan from TRUE CANADIAN BALLS who sells all sorts of stuff one can use to impress the hell of ones friends--you know like juggling, or those sticks that you see kids batting back and forth- totally useless but still inspiring the age old question How do you do that. Dan picked up all the neat stuff pictured from his world travels. He wouldnt go into detail over the methods of procurement but we can picture some back alley in Bangladesh where items other than money change hands just a heart beat away from a dagger flung from behind a patterned tapestry....whoa... what was in that omelet I ate this morning?

[96-07-12: tb-005]
Photo by Tony Billoni

Dan also helped me discover that the DEVIL has found his (her?) way to Eden. One of his balancing toys is called the DOABLE which you all know is Devil in Spanish. Scary right? Not really but it seemed like a good angle for a moment.

"Could They Be The Devil?"

Well be back soon after the first band hits the stage. Breaking stories include: music business hangers on sightings, what radio stations are here AND which one has the best free shit to give away. A close look at the EFF, band trivia and RUMORS-- including the surprise closing act: we have confirmed its not the Partridge Family reunion, although we had to turn Danny Bonaduce away for not having a ticket (he even tried to tell us he was from ORONO).

[96-07-12: rd-006]
Photo by Robert DeWitt

until then later...

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