Going Through The Rumor Mill

By Stephanie Garrison

Saturday, July 13, afternoon

Any stadium show that advertises a special mystery guest slot automatically creates a rumor mill of potential acts that could appear. Checking out the web for a group's current tour schedule is an efficient way to weed out the non-contenders, but for most fans at a three-day event such as Eden Music Fest, it's just easier to gossip. After an extremely unscientific and completely subjective poll, the masses have spoken to us. Here's a list of the top five bands our happy campers here at Eden think will appear tomorrow night:

The winner is Green Day, fueled by the fact that a behind-the-scenes trailer was indeed marked with the band's name. Whether this was meant as a joke, or a trick to try and fool festival workers is irrelevant. Tons of kids think that the melodic punksters will be the closers.

Porno For Pyros played
and here's proof!
(video collage)

41 sec (2.34MB)

A close second was had by Pearl Jam, no doubt a wet dream for many of the fans here. Need reasons? The band is set to release a new album, the guys are great live, and what kid under the age of 20 hates them? Anyone that does sure hasn't been camping here this weekend.

Then, of course, there's the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What with all the stories of the band's imminent breakup, yada, yada, yada, this quartet with the funky bass lines and chart-topping ballads is still a contender.


[96-07-13: rd-059]
Photo by Ross Dax

Fourth is a Canadian band called I Mother Earth, a pure cross between "metal" and "alternative" if there ever was one (not that either of these blanket terms mean much anyway). They're also a great live act.

Finally, we suspect that our survey participants were not following our strict guideline, which asked "What band do you think is going to come out and play?" Since the fifth-place winner was Nine Inch Nails, it's clear that the list has disintegrated into a want, not think, thing. It isn't going to happen, but who can't give these respondents props for trying?

Beyond this list, several other finalists were bandied about, including the dance/percussion group Stomp (who are here and will perform in one way or another), Oasis, Alanis, and the Beastie Boys. But don't discount the possibility of some sort of name band jam. Tune in later for the answer.

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