The Stream

Plunge your head into the
stream for a cool sensation!

Here's where you can get your swimming gear and jump into the live netcasts from the festival! Listed below are the technologies being used and there's a handy form for you to fill out to make sure you've got the programs you need downloaded properly.

We are considering editing together a Best of Eden Musicfest special to re-broadcast which would include the best performances, band, EFF, and celebrity interviews, and roving festival footage. If you would tune into such a re-broadcast, do let us know by dropping a note to us at

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the netcast viewing tools!

Real Audio
Over 5 million of their audio players out there!
Streaming audio at 28.8k or greater!
RealAudio streams served by imusic.

Cutting edge video delivery technology
Streaming video and audio at multiple speeds.
[Sokol and Associates]
[Hazardous Media]
Xing servers and bandwidth coordinated by Hazardous Media and Sokol & Associates with Xing Technology.

B&W audio/video conferencing tool popularized with recent netcast use and exposure
Streaming video and audio at a few different speeds (28.8k and ISDN).
Pick up a CU-SeeMe stream by using connecting to ( CU-SeeMe broadcast machine provided by CyCo. All of Sunday will be broadcast. See The Tree for a schedule!

Chat system, including Netscape plugins
Don't forget to check out the moderated interviews and open chat area over in The Garden!

Netcast Toolkit
We want to make sure you have the software you need to check out all of the content contained here! So, please provide us with information about your computer type and connection speed to the Internet, then press GO!

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