Eve's Secrets

You've entered into Eve's Secret!

Well now, if we told you the secrets, that'd be no surprise at all, huh? Ok ok, one of the secrets we'll be filling you in on is how you can enter to win an autographed Gibson guitar!

Other hush-hush on-the-scene information we come across will be snuck into here-- consider this space as doubling as the Eden Music Festival gossip circle!

The 3am Sat morning rumour news dispatch reports-- The road crew and tour manager of the Tragically Hip performed an early morning soundcheck of the Hip's equipment. Playing at a decent volume, there were about 15 people and a few security guards there. They played through a number of jams for about 15 minutes before shutting down, apparently happy with the sound.

On Saturday Afternoon-- a sharp eye may have spied Spacehog guitarist Antony Langdon racing around the backstage area on a temporarily commandeered golf cart.

Around 7pm, Saturday gossip-- Perry Farrell, space age visionary (and lead singer) for Porno For Pyros was seen downing copious amounts of wine before heading on stage for the Porno's set. What the audience didn't see was that in his last swig before appearing onstage he took a bit too much in the mouth, his cheeks puffed, and as you might expect next, his nostrils spewed forth a bit of the overflow.

Unusual photo op reported by an unnamed artist source-- Perry Farrell and Daniel Ash were caught backstage by an enthusastic photographer waving a VIP pass. The two, linked arm in arm, were requested to pose for a quick pic by the backpeddling photoboy. Rather than politely posing, Ash did what a true rock star should: paused, grabbed his crotch, and shouted "SUCK!" The photo was taken.