Credits and Sponsors

Credits & Sponsors

A tremendous amount of work has gone into putting this amazing event together, and here we're going to point out people who have assisted in the netcast portion of the festival.

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Credits or Sponsors


Overall Coordination Dianne Gleason (Mania Communications)
Jon Luini (MediaCast)
Jon Fox (MediaCast)
Web Production Team RockWeb (initial concept and design)
Jon Luini (second phase design and webmaster)
Josh Salesin (live production manager, integration)
Dax Ross (live production assistant)
Robert Dewitt (live production assistant)
Realtime Audio/Video
Josh Salesin & Jon Luini (RealAudio)
Jon Luini (CU-SeeMe)
Hazardous Media (Xing Tech)
John Sokol and Assoc. (Xing Tech)
Onsite Connectivity
& Equipment
Bell Canada:
-Tracy Butler-Norman
-Gary R. Heagle
-Will Verbrugghe
-Dave Shetler
-Jan Budel
-Barney Holmes
Peter Vitols
Len Lidov
Editorial Content Mania Communications:
-Kevin O'Conner
-Sherri Wheatley
-Bill Mueller
-Ted Swigert
-Tony Billoni
Addicted To Noise:
- Stephanie Garrison
Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Stanton McCandlish
- Dennis Derryberry

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Credits or Sponsors


and Electronic Frontier Canada
(the beneficiary)

(editorial coverage, online promotion)

(real audio stream serving)

(Chat service)

(Xing tech)
[Sokol and Associations]
(Xing serving & tech)
(CU-SeeMe encoding machine)

(technology partner)

(technology partner)

(online donations system)

(guitar giveaway)

(surfing machine sponsorship)
(online promotion)